Personal Watercraft Experiences

Commonly regarded as the mosquito of the lake, Personal Watercraft (PWC), or “jet skis,” have a bad reputation.

PWC rental pricing often encourages hourly rentals. That short time limit may pressure guests to maximize their time on the water.

We believe PWC are a way to enjoy the water, not the main focus. That’s why we offer 4-hour and full-day experiences. And for those that still want to explore but don’t have a lot time there is a 2 hour rental that goes from 10 am untill noon.

This allows us to reduce prices and give our clients a real lake-day experience, the closest thing to owning your own watercraft.

We want you to find a beautiful spot, cut the engine, and take in this beautiful place.

PWC allow you to cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time.

On Lake Okanagan, that means you’ll never run out of room to explore.

Hang-out in the middle of the lake. Journey to one of many remote, boat-access only spots, like Rattlesnake Island.

Stop at the Lake Okanagan Resort or the El Dorado Hotel’s boat dock and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Whatever your speed, you have time and space to play.

Yamaha FX SVHO

There simply isn’t a nicer PWC out there.

If you want to explore the lake in the best style and comfort available, this is your ride.

Longer, wider, heavier and steadier than most PWC.

Oh, and did we mention it’s supercharged and does 0-100km/h in under 4 seconds?

Think Cadillac meets Tesla meets Harley Davidson on the water. And we mean that, the FX SVHO is truly versatile.

And though the SVHO can put your gut into your chest, it can also easily be adjusted to become a family friendly sedan that is perfect for first timers due to its increased stability.

The FX SVHO’s large storage compartment makes it the perfect choice for the explorer that is well equipped for their adventure.

Be warned, with great power comes greater hunger. The FX SVHO runs through gas quicker than our other machines.

1 Machine Available

Capacity: 2 Adults 1 Child max (530lbs)

Storage: Trunk, Center Console, Dry Box

Engine Size: 1812cc Supercharged

Top Speed: 114km/h

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced

Damage Deposit: $1,000 via credit card hold

“Rented the more powerful of the two offered to us. It 100% did not disappoint. I should have bought ear plugs because my kid was screaming the whole time as we were ripping up and down the lake.

– James Paul, Facebook Review

Yamaha VX Cruiser Deluxe

The more economic of our two models, the VX CRUISER packs a powerful punch.

300lbs lighter than the FX SVHO, this PWC can be more playful and enables its rider to really push the machine to its limits without fear.

What we trade in speed, we really gain in range.

These bad boys can easily last your whole 4 hour rental on a single tank of gas.

That means less time at the fuel dock and more time exploring! Not to mention more cash in your pocket for apres!

3 Machines Available

Capacity: 3 Seats, 2 Adults 1 Child max (530lbs)

Storage: Trunk, Center Console, Dry Box

Engine Size: 1050cc Naturally Aspirated

Top Speed: 84km/h

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced

Damage Deposit: $1,000 per machine via credit card hold

“The VX Cruiser was an absolute blast to ride! Lots of power even with 2 people on it.”

– James Unruh, Google Review

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